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Sleep Apnea Specialists

We excel at helping patients achieve their goals to get the rest they need. See why you can count on our team of Respiratory Therapists (RTs) to make a good night's sleep possible:

man sleeping with cpap machine

  • Experienced clinicians to coach patients so they embrace therapy
  • In-house Respiratory Therapists (RTs) for setup, follow-up and questions
  • Specialized sleep referral intake team comprised of RTs and Sleep Technicians
  • Top-performing manufacturer-validated compliance rates
  • Comfort mask-fitting program to help patients explore their options for optimal comfort
  • Flexible scheduling to fit patients' lifestyles - home, work, HCS location; evenings and weekends too!
  • Use of app and cloud-based technology to help patients embrace their therapy through self-coaching backed up by HCS clinician management-by-exception
  • Accountability between staff and the patients' expectations provides increased compliance
  • Success in helping patients achieve goals through self-coaching leading to high compliance
  • Automated patient outreach system to address ongoing therapy challenges while maintaining optimal mask comfort and machine performance